Weight Management Supplements

To keep your progress at sprinting speed we offer an extensive collection of weight management supplements. Each supplement is scientifically-developed to target different weight management struggles.

Support Weight Mangement

TLS CORE with Chromium, White Kidney Bean & LeptiCore™ promotes healthy weight management with key proven herbals, may help to support normal blood sugar levels, help to reduce fat stores in the body and help in the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels.

TLS Nutrition Shakes help boost protein and fibre intake, and they taste great! Get the nutrition you need with 18g of protein, 10g of fibre and 25 vitamins and minerals per serving. This healthy meal replacement is easy to prepare, and comes in two delicious flavours: Chocolate Delight and Creamy Vanilla.

Inhibit conversion of sugar into fat

Promote a healthy body fat and better weight management by accelerating fat burning with TLS Green Coffee Plus Garcinia Cambogia.

TLS Tonalin CLA Support the utilisation of body fat as fuel and promote lean muscle mass with TLS Tonalin CLA.

**Consult your health care provider before starting any weight management or exercise programme. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.