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  • Helps with energy and stamina
  • Helps support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Supports cardiovascular health

- The finished product contains no detectable gluten.

No Detectable GMO - The finished product contains no detectable genetically modified organisms.

Vegan - The product is made without ingredients produced by or derived from animals.

Isotonic-Capable Supplements: Easy-to-swallow isotonic supplements that allow for better nutrient absorption by the body. Individual response varies.

No Pork - This product contains no pork or pork products.



Isotonix Isochrome is a distinctive combination of essential compounds that includes vitamins, minerals, an amino acid, an enzyme and Coenzyme Q10. Isotonix Isochrome provides nutrients that help support healthy blood sugar level. The key ingredients included in Isotonix Isochrome assist in the body's production of energy.

Isotonix Isochrome provides chromium which can help to support healthy blood sugar levels. Coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine support energy and stamina.

Isotonix Isochrome comes in an isotonic form so it provides rapid* absorption and delivery.

Isotonix Isochrome is best taken with a meal.

*Individual response varies.



Chromium is an essential trace mineral which supports metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Chromium supports healthy blood sugar levels.  

Coenzyme Q10 
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) belongs to a family of substances called ubiquinones and is a fat-soluble substance that is part of the respiratory chain. It is synthesized in the cells and is involved in electron transport and energy production in mitochondria. In the cellular system, CoQ10 helps to generate energy in the form of ATP. CoQ10 also exhibits activity as an antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 can be found naturally in spinach, broccoli, nuts, meats and fish. In the body, the highest concentrations of CoQ10 are in the cells of the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas. 

Supplementation with CoQ10 may be most beneficial for adults because the levels of CoQ10 in the body tend to peak around the age of 20 and then decline with age.

L-carnitine is an amino acid that is found in nearly all cells of the body. L-carnitine supports fatty acid metabolism. L-carnitine occurs naturally in animal products and only very small amounts are found in plants, with a few exceptions, such as avocado and some fermented soy products. It also plays an essential role in the transportation of long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria of the cell to produce energy. L-carnitine is synthesized in the body, mainly in the liver and kidneys, from the essential amino acids L-lysine and L-methionine.

Lipase is a fat-digesting enzyme that supports the body's breakdown of dietary fats into an absorbable form. Lipases support the conversion of triglyceride substrates found in oils from food to monoglycerides and free fatty acids.

Vitamin B12 
Vitamin B12, is found in organ meats, liver, beef, pork, eggs, whole milk, cheese, whole wheat bread and fish. Small amounts can also be derived from the fermented soy products miso and tempeh. Vitamin B12 supports energy metabolism and red blood cell formation.

Vitamin B2 
Vitamin B2 is found in liver, dairy products, dark green vegetables and some types of seafood. Vitamin B2 serves as a co-enzyme, working with other B vitamins. It supports healthy red blood cells and plays a role in turning food into energy. Vitamin B2 is water-soluble and must be replenished daily. 

Boron is a mineral found at high levels in plant foods such as dried fruits, nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, applesauce, grape juice and cooked dried beans and peas. Boron is found in most tissues, but mainly in the bone, spleen and thyroid. Boron may play a role in supporting bone health. 



Why is fructose in Isotonix Isochrome? 
Fructose is the sweetest of all naturally-occurring sugars. It helps to make Isotonix Isochrome pleasant tasting with fewer calories. Consuming fructose does not produce the highs and lows in blood sugar levels that ordinary table sugar might.

What is the best way to take Isotonix Isochrome? 
Because Isotonix Isochrome contains CoQ10, a fat soluble coenzyme, Isotonix Isochrome is best taken with a meal. 

Can you get L-carnitine from any food sources?
Yes, L-carnitine can be found in meats and vegetables. It typically comes in higher concentrations in red meats, such as beef or lamb, and in lower concentrations in white meats and vegetables.

What are the other ingredients in Isotonix Isochrome useful for? 
Isotonix Isochrome also includes boron, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6. Vitamin B2 supports energy production and breakdown of fats. Vitamin B6 helps to support protein metabolism and break down of glycogen and supports production of niacin and red blood cells. 

Does Isotonix Isochrome contain pork or pork products?

Is Isotonix Isochrome manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility?
Yes, this product is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility。 


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by YU

Shop Consultant
Good to consume after heavy meals

I do not experience food coma after heavy meals if I consume Isotonix Isochrome with digestive enzyme. Good that it also helps to avoid blood sugar spikes too.


by Foong

Shop Consultant
Prevention is better

Usually when I eat high sugary food, I'll tend to feel sleepy about 30mins to 1hour after that. But ever since I started drinking Isotonix Isochrome after sugary meal, I realised the sleepiness is gone, hence I feel it really helps with maintaining my blood sugar level, preventing food coma.

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts on Isotonix® Isochrome. We are happy to hear you are pleased with the product.

Thank you again!
Market Singapore Product Team


by YIU

Great product.

This product is very effective and helps me to maintain my blood sugar level.



Shop Consultant
Great Energy Booster!

Always felt quite lethargic at the end of a long day; without any energy to do the things I love. Fortunately, now taking Isochrome, I can enjoy my down time, instead of feeling half dead after a day spent working.


by Anonymous


Very good.