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Now I feel confident and proud when I look in the mirror!

Brittany R before
Brittany R After

Brittany R

Weight Lost: 13.61 kilos

Throughout my life my family and I have struggled with obesity. My grandfather, the man who I looked up to as a father, passed away on my 21st birthday due to diabetic complications. My weight spiraled out of control due to stress and depression, and I ballooned to a whopping 93.6 kgs lbs. I then realised that I had to get my life and my health under control. The TLS Weight Management Solution programme was presented to me at a low point in my life and I decided it was now or never. After my TLS Coach and nutritional trainer, Beth, assessed my cravings and personal goals I started with the TLS 7-Day Detox to jumpstart my journey to a healthier lifestyle. The products that I used to enhance my results were TLS ACTS, TLS Thermochrome, TLS CORE, TLS Tonalin CLA, Isotonix B Complex, and the Isotonix Multivitamin. As I progressed further into the programme, I started taking Isotonix OPC-3. At this point everything started falling into place ,the fat melted off and I built up muscle. Now I feel confident and proud when I look in the mirror! This is just the beginning of the road to my personal goal of running my first 10k! I will continue to strive to be the best I can be.

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